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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the freshest and most delicious ingredients to all of our meals. We count ourselves fortunate to live in the Garden State as it makes this goal simple to follow!

Our trade secret lies in our love and support for local small business. Purchasing produce locally ensures we get it as close to harvest as possible, and the less time food takes to get from the farmer to the plate, the better it will taste.  New Jersey is home to some of the best Agriculture in the entire country, granting us a flavor advantage from the start.  By using as much locally grown produce as we can, we also help to ensure the rich resources New Jersey has to offer.

Due to our specific climate, some produce may not be available locally (tropical fruits, exotic grains, etc…) so we purchase in small quantities to ensure quality and flavor for each and every event.  

Seasonal is Sensational

Local fresh foods are only half of the equation when it comes to extracting the most flavor into our meals.  To further ensure freshness and maximize flavor, we make all of our menus with in-season ingredients.

Many fruits and vegetables are available year round, but may dull in flavor in the later or earlier months.  By using fresh, locally grown, and in-season produce, we now have the exact combination we need to ensure your food will be at the peak of its taste and nutritional value.

Mmmmmmm Meat!

For as much care and attention we pay to selecting our locally grown produce, we take an equal eye to all of our main course options.

We use fresh Whole Pigs raised on New Jersey farms, along with All Natural, Antibiotic & Hormone Free poultry and USDA Prime or Choice grade meats. Even our seafood is sustainable and locally sourced when available.

Once we combine our local farm fresh ingredients, our in-season menu choices, and our all natural meats, it all equals one incredible dining experience.

Our Food

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